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Our secret to gaining an extra 20 sign ups in a month for a private gym in Sydney

75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post.

Now the question is, what content should be in the advertising post?

Looking (again) at number, 82% of Instagram users prefer video content, also known as Reels. It's important that the reels are authentic in a way and offer some form of an incentive/discount to encourage viewers to interact.

Buuutt.. we have a little issue.

A engaging authentic reel that converts depends on so many factors such as speed, duration, sound, text, transitions, colour, and I can go on and on. As a business owner, the one thing you value the most is time, we don't have enough of it to spend inside the business, we need to spend it working on the business.

Issue solved.

We have tested and tested for years, tweaking every second of an ad and from our experience, we created advertisments which gave Global Gym an extra 20 Sign Ups ($22.7K in sales) in August 2022. Book a Free Strategy Session and let us help you generate more sign-ups for your gym.

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