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How We Doubled Sales for a helpful Baby Product Using Facebook Ads

Meet the Brand:

This brand was everywhere - from local shops to big-time retailers around the world. Young moms loved it for their kids. But here's the thing: they wanted to sell more directly to these moms and skip the middleman. Their earlier attempts? Not so great. That's where our team came in.

The Problem:

Online sales were like a puzzle they couldn’t solve. They tried ads before, but it was like shouting in a noisy room. No one really listened.

Our Game Plan:

We decided to chat with folks based on how much they knew about the product:

Newbies: We showed them how this product could be the answer to their daily challenges. Less selling, more relating.

Those Who Knew a Bit: We showed them real stories from real moms. Kind of like when a friend says, “Hey, this thing changed my life!”

Almost Customers: For the folks who checked out the product but didn't buy, we gave them a nudge with a sweet 15% discount.

The Ads:

Instead of going all technical, we just showed how the product fits into everyday life. Think of it as showing a day in the life of the product.

The Cool Part:

In just two months, not only did we boost their sales, but we doubled the money they made each month. And the cherry on top? We gave them a whopping 415% return on what they spent on ads.

What They Said:

Fancy a Chat?:

If you want your brand to have a story like this, let's talk. Hit us up and let’s make some magic happen for your brand.

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