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How to increase sales by 54% as a burger-based resturant through social media.

The Power of Social Media

When deciding on where to eat on your average friday night, 3 in 4 Customers (75%) use Instagram to decide based on photos and reels discovered from business pages.

Of that percentage, 60.7% need to see a post 2-4 times from the company before making a purchase.

What does this mean?

  • By using social media correctly, this gives you hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of potential to attract more paying customers to your resturant.

  • Thanks to Instagram Reels, it has never been easier to be discovered on social media by your target audience.

  • Building an online following will increase the lifetime loyalty of your customers, they might even bring a friend or two with them!

  • With the right strategy (See Below) - there's a potential goldmine of customers waiting to discover you!

The 3-Step Strategy Built for Success.

  1. Content Creation - Purposeful content is key. This includes content that aims to nurture your audience, increase exposure or get customers. The type of content is key too, being that food is eaten with eyes, reels and photos are unmatched.

  2. Brand Voice - Complimenting the visually appealing and purposeful content is best done through words. The captions on posts should captivate your audience, provide a call to action, or be relatable.

  3. Paid Facebook Advertising - The final piece to the puzzle. With targetted ads that pop up on users' phones based on their demographic (location) and geographic (age and gender). Food resturants find their first time customers through ads for a particularly low cost of $12.91, considering the high lifetime value of a new regular customer.

Umm.. we have a little problem.

It's good to learn about purposeful content, and how effective reels and photos are at specific things.

But what if you just don't have time to focus on the deeper levels of content creation..?

As a business owner you need to be working on your business, not in your business!

And Here's the Solution..

You may not have time, but we do!

At Maximize marketing, we speicalise in content creation, social media management and Paid Facebook advertising.


We're currently offering Free strategy sessions, so let's get in touch!

This is a 15-Minute collaboration call which will allow us to pick your brain and solve how we can help scale your business to new heights through social media marketing.

Assuming you book a call, we'd be happy to provide some free value that could benefit you in achieveing your goals!

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