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Turned $500 into $22.7K


Picture this: a company with a killer baby product that should be flying off the virtual shelves, but instead, they’re stuck.


Why? Their go-to move was blasting sales pitches all over social media. It turned more people off than it brought in.

They were also:

- Swamped with no time to learn the ins and outs of Facebook ads.
- Dreaming big about growing but clueless on where to start.
- Not exactly tech whizzes.
- Stumped daily by the eternal question: "What do we post today?"

They were basically running in circles.

What We Did

We're all about making things simple and providing services that make sense. We stepped in to fix what was lacking in their marketing strategy


We showed them how forecasting isn’t just a fancy term but a real game changer that could predict and improve their sales.

Easy-Peasy Scaling

We broke down scaling into bite-sized, totally doable steps.

Messaging Makeover

We switched up their ad messages from "buy this now" to "here’s why you’ll love this," making sure every ad spoke parent-to-parent

Nitty-Gritty Details

  • Cut Costs, Not Corners: We got super precise with their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to make sure they were spending smart, not just big.

  • Profit? Nailed It: We turned profit margins from a snoozefest of numbers into a clear strategy for pocketing more cash.

  • Content That Connects: We revamped their whole posting strategy from non-stop selling to sharing valuable, relatable content that builds trust and drives sales.


Sales doubled in just 60 days.


Their ads? Knocked it out of the park with a 400% ROI


We scaled their ad spend wisely over four months, and they saw their sales just keep climbing.

The Cool Results

Number speak,
so do our clients..

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