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JUST $297

We will create 30 canva templates tailored to your brand and show you how to easily implement AI to come up with unlimited content ideas in 60 minutes to make and schedule content in a way that is so simple, your dog can understand it... or your administrator.

So, we noticed something.


A lot of awesome small businesses were struggling to juggle their social media without busting their budgets.


That didn't sit right with us.

So, we put on our thinking caps and came up with a cool solution.


Instead of keeping all the nifty tools to ourselves and doing all the heavy lifting, we thought, why not share the love?

Here's the deal: we craft top-notch social media content templates that’s customized just for your brand.


We will then teach you exactly how to use AI to come up with content ideas, then tweak the templates with the content.

Then we will teach you how to make and plan a month's work of content in about 2-3 hours.


The cool part? We hand over these goodies to you. That's right – we do the nitty-gritty design work, and then you (or your rockstar admin) get to add your personal touch.


A little tweak here, a little twist there, and voilà!

It's like we're giving you a secret recipe for social media awesomeness. You get to whip up amazing content, without the stress of starting from scratch or the pain of a hefty recurring price tag.

''So Maximize Marketing, you offer and promote a done-for-you social media management service, why would you shoot yourself in the foot just giving away your expertise?''

The truth is,


our plan is to give you the tools so that you can grow your business the most efficient way possible, yes you might need some sweat and tears to get there, but that's with every business. 

We're betting on the fact that your business is going to grow to the point where you are limited on your time to grow and scale your social presence, that we would come back to you and manage it for you in our done-for-you service where we would put in our sweat and tears. 

What's Included?

- 30 Branded Canva templates for your brand (font, colours),

- FREE Course on:

- How to edit template (SUPER SIMPLE)

- How to schedule content on ALL Social platforms for 2 months in 30 MINUTES.

BONUS FREE Course on:

- How to generate content ideas in seconds using AI.

- How to make a social media strategy

- How to get more followers, likes, comments

3 hours of work = 2 Months of content

Ideal for businesses that..


- Have an administrator with some free time

- Small solopreneurs that have 3 hours free every couple months

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